Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 14 Update

This is a tad late. I have been swamped trying to stay caught up at work and focus on the three of us... my babies and I. I can't believe baby is as big as one of my favorite desserts! Time is seriously flying!!

baby/pregnancy stats:

How far along?  14 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 6 lbs total... starting to gradually pack on the pounds. I think I jinxed myself the other day on Facebook when I mentioned that I don't feel like I gain nearly as much as I eat. Lesson learned!
Maternity clothes? pretty much only maternity, or larger clothes
Stretch marks? nope, but itchy skin is in full effect... definitely growing!
Sleep: A lot, again. Weird pregnancy dreams have resumed and I am still waking up to go to the restroom, but it's a lot better than it's been.
Labor Signs: no way!
Belly Button in or out? in; I can officially see the bottom of it so who knows how much longer this will last.
Best moment this week: time with Caydon and I got a HUGE kudos at work for IEP completion (3 in one day... this mommy got down to business!)  I am happy to say I am still definitely working away even though I am exhausted and threw up twice during a department meeting. Yuck.
Miss Anything? coffee.
Movement: officially felt a kick! Otherwise, I think I have a little ballerina or a soccer player with all those sweet taps :)
Symptoms: Hunger, vomiting, nausea, and my boobs are hurting a lot again.
Food cravings: steak & thai food. Nothing like being pregnant and craving curry. mango curry with chicken to be exact.
Anything making you queasy or sick: a lot, but not food as often as just moving. 
Anything make you emotional?: ohh yeah. I started BAWLING on the way to work listening to people talk about the olympics. It was just... so "sad" or so "exciting". Actually, I'm not even sure what emotion it was, but there were more than enough tears. hah!
Bump Alert: yep, and that sucker is rock hard. 
Gender prediction: hoping for a girl, as evidenced by all the clothes I have bought lately. :o
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy, but I am trying very hard to focus on myself, my friends/family, and obv my kids. No time to not be happy regardless of circumstances.
Pregnancy Dreams: a lot that make absolutely no sense. One was when I lost my belly band and I woke up bawling. What!? That could be a commercial for the belly band companies, I tell ya!
Fearing: finances. It's hard to number crunch this baby in, and I am trying to do it without relying on child support (just like I have done with my son... I refuse to rely on other people especially since both babies' daddies have proven unreliable due to their interest in other women taking priority... so, while I intend to receive child support from the get go, I am also doing my best not to count on him in any way).
Anticipating: meeting baby. finding out the gender! our small gender reveal party for friends and family... I am so ready to get over the surprise and move on to enjoying the baby, and am hoping this party will help others follow suit.

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