Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baby Mine: A Borrowed Post from Modern Mom, Redefined

I took this post from my old blog, Modern Mom Redefined, because I found it inspiring and still completely true/relevant. I seriously can't wait to be able to nurse again!!

One of my favorite things is breastfeeding. With it's quite significantly obvious financial benefits, loving health benefits for the baby, and it's weight loss and varying benefits for mom.... I am definitely pro-boobs.

 But, perhaps one of my favorite parts? How cuddly and loving it's made Caydon.

I know that some kids are just naturally cuddly. Some will cuddle without breast-is-best-ing it. While others, regardless of how much mom and dad try, won't cuddle at all. I get it.

But Caydon?
His social and communication delays, as well as his Sensory Perception Disorder, would point to him NOT wanting to cuddle. It's very atypical for a child on the spectrum to want to be touched, let alone cuddled up to on the regular.  Caydon is, still, quite the contradiction. He is the most cuddly little guy I know.

His favorite movie is Dumbo. Why? Well, Dumbo is a great movie. Duh. But, he also has this ritual that involves cuddling up to me when all the other animals are cuddling with their mommy during the song "Baby Mine".

He insists, every time. Sometimes he'll even talk about how he's Dumbo and I'm "Dumbo Mommy Elephant that makes Dumbo no more sad". I melt. Quite cute, if I may say with my totally biased opinion.

 I thank every one of the 17 months that I breastfed for that my baby loves to cuddle so much, even against the odds. When he couldn't tell me he loved me because of his delays, and wouldn't look me in the eyes because eye contact hurt too much of him, we always had cuddling.

 Will I do breasted again? 
Even with the mastitis, 
a horrible latch, 
[his] gassy days, 
and teething? 

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