Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY: Silhouette Portraits

I made this a while ago *hence the poor photo quality!*, but I thought I would share it since I think the end result is great and the craft itself is easy. I am seriously smitten with silhouettes, still, and can't wait to make one of baby and another of big brother. ((I'm stocking up fun activities to do on my maternity leave since I really struggle at just being home!))

1. Take a photo of your kiddo (or whoever's silhouette you want)'s profile. Make sure they have their chin out enough... so it should like like this:

Not this:

2. Print out the picture, keeping in mind that you may have to enlarge it enough to fit the size frame you have in mind.  Then, cut the outline of the head. Trace the cut picture onto a piece of paper (the paper you want to be the silhouette itself).

3. Paste the new, pretty paper cutout onto a scrapbook piece of paper that is the size of the frame. You may want to play around with the picture and scrapbook paper before pasting. See how the two background options change the look?

4. Frame, and hang or gift. There you go! Super easy craft for your home or for a family member that loves your babe as much as you do.

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