Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First Trimester Favorites

Tomorrow marks the official beginning of my second trimester (!!!) even though I have been feeling pretty 2nd tri for a few days now. As my first trimester wraps up to a close *yay!*, here is a collected list of my favorite items that helped me survive to hopefully help my fellow preggos hang in there:

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Belly band. Seriously one of my favorites. I only bought one in black, but I am still tempted to get a white. Next time, I am buying one of each color. They are stretchy bands that you put on over your pants when you can't buckle them. I have done the rubber band buckle trick, but with teaching I was really worried about my tummy showing to my teens (or worse, below my tummy!). These held up my pants whether they be too tight because they are non-maternity, or too loose because they are maternity. I anticipate myself wearing these even when my maternity pants fit well because I LOVE how secure they make my tummy feel when everything is stretching. You can either wear them folded or wear them full... I prefer the full band so far in this pregnancy because of, again, the comfort. So, they have function plus comfort. I am all for things with two purposes.

Sanctuary Mum-to-Be Collagen Boosting Body Butter. This stuff had me at it's smell. Seriously. I put this on and don't even put on perfume. Please smell my body butter, I think as I go out. It smells that good. It also is supposed to not only help prevent stretch marks but get rid of stretch marks from prior pregnancies or weight loss/gain. It also was the "Winner of Best Pampering Product by Pregnancy & Birth Bloom Awards 2012" so I am not the only one loving it, clearly. ((Pst, it's available at Motherhood Maternity and you can sample it, particularly the smell if the purple one that I'm obsessed with is too strong for you!))

Flavored water. I most often drink lemon in my water, but occasionally put in frozen berries instead of lemon, or I will add mint to the lemon.. the flavors seem to help with my nausea a little bit. I really do think the nausea thing is a "find what works and repeat" sort of ordeal, so maybe it won't do much for you but for me it made all the difference! I am a huge fan of the Starbuck's tumblers, too, and have been for a few years now.
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Snoogle. Hello, boyfriend snuggle replacement! Bonus perks: could be reused for nursing pillow/prop, washable cover, AND it doesn't snore or move when you're trying to get some zzz's. I call this a bang for my buck.

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Trader Joe's Sweet Tea. This is a favorite since my go-to Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper is out of the question (except for my once a week treat). It also has a much lower sugar count than other sweet teas, but has amazing flavor. I also love Trader Joe's for their easy, health-contentious, affordable eats that are often one prep-step away from completion (like putting them in the oven, or mixing ingredients). So easy after a long, tiring day.

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Paige Denim Maternity Pants. I bought these on Amazon Fashion and they said to go up a size... should not have done that. I like my pants to "grab my rear" if you will and these don't as much as I am used to. AKA, my tush that I did so many squats and lunges for is pretty much invisible, but these are still a favorite because I love the elastic sides and I dig the dark wash. I am also thinking that when I get a bit bigger, these will fit perfectly.. but I mean, who gains weight in places besides their tummy when they are pregnant!? **sarcasm**

Evernote. The app, in addition to a bazillion pregnancy apps. I use this to remind myself of anything and everything. I have it linked between my iPhone and my MacBook, and it helps me keep my head on straight as my brain cells die thanks to baby. (True story, google it!)  I also plaster my computer screen at work with old-school yellow stickies everywhere and am Type A about my cute chevron calendar so I don't miss a "to-do" or a meeting. So far, so good!

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VitaFushion Chewable Prenatal Vitamins. With my son, I just could not hold down vitamins. I was sick all of the time, but part of me also wonders how much of it was the vitamin vs how much was the pregnancy. Even when I'm not pregnant, I can't hold down vitamins unless they are the chewy kind. These I can hold down and have DHA and Folic Acid, as well as a decent flavor. The only time I wouldn't recommend them is after a large glass of milk. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Various Mommy-to-Be Teas. I enjoy all of these teas. The flavors are great, caffeine is non-existent, all are organic, and they each make a great alternative to those of you, like yours truly, who miss the daily + cup(s) of joe. Plus, they keep me warm and hydrated in the morning. I still use my Keurig to heat the water which also gives me a fix for my Keurig addiction, as well as my Starbuck's coffee mugs because... well, I am kind of a snot about certain things and they just make my mornings happier.

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Maternity sleep bra. Waking up all night to lift your painful tah-tahs just isn't my style. I found my sports bras to be too tight or scarce (I double-stack wear them when I'm working out now for that added support!) I also bought one that converts to a nursing bra for nighttime wear. Super comfy and something I would probably buy later on anyway. I bought mine from Motherhood Maternity, but I'm sure you could find them anywhere.

That's it for me! I know the list was long but I couldn't really narrow it down more than that. What are your first trimester go-tos?

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