Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week 13

The second trimester is finally here!

Although, I'm trying to figure out why the only difference I have been feeling the last few days is the urge to gnaw off my arm in crazy hunger. Otherwise, my morning sickness has increased instead of tapering off, as have my headaches. Boo.

I've also started to start gaining weight. I continue to workout, but I think I need to change my routine again because it is rather stagnant. I hit the elliptical for 30 minutes of moderate cardio (they say you should be able to hold a conversation while working out and pregnant, but I push myself to right above that. I hate not getting a good workout in!), hit the weight room to rotate arms and legs depending on the day, and finish with a 20 minute yoga session. I am doing this about 3 times a week and walk a lot at work. I know I should do something else, but I can't figure out what that something else should be. Longer yoga sessions? Swimming? Longer walks? Ugh, the joy of working out while pregnant (yawn!)

I had a blast with my girlfriends this week. I helped the bride, Jenna, pick out her beautiful white dress, and then we had a "blast" trying to find a dress that will fit over this bump come late May/early June. We ended up buying a size 16 (I usually wear an 8!) which is HUGE around the boobs but enough fabric for the bump. We are anticipating having it taken in a tad so that the empire waist chiffon dress doesn't slide down while Jenna and Ben are saying their "I do"s.

Jenna and I went to Christina's Bachelorette party. We went to a gay bar... So MUCH FUN. I was the only sober one and had alcohol spilled on my legs a few times (girls and heels don't mix too well, but they are sweet girls so it's ok hah).

The beautiful brides and this preggo mommy.

I also attended a Gourmet Chocolate Tasting party. The idea behind it is that a dozen girls each bring a chocolate to share with the other girls, so we all get 12 different types to try. It was a blast! We ended up talking about dating and how waaaay off modern society has gotten. I discovered what Tender is... woah! I have honestly never looked at dating as a "hookup" sort of ideal, but it doesn't surprise me one bit!

baby/pregnancy stats:

How far along?  13 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 4 lbs total... I am already hating this scale ordeal hah
Maternity clothes? Yep, but I am still trying to push my regular clothes to their maximum use
Stretch marks? nope.
Sleep: not waking up crying like I was. That's a step. Now I wake up to throw up, brush my teeth, pee, then go back to sleep.
Labor Signs: no way!
Belly Button in or out? in, but ever shrinking
Best moment this week: all the girl time, and time with Caydon
Miss Anything? I am starting to miss Luke a lot more because I've been ignoring him/not starting convo/giving him his "space". It sucks. I am also missing holding down food.
Movement: some flutters, and I think a kick or two.
Symptoms: HUNGER! gosh, I am so hungry. I also still have heartburn and fatigue, but not like it was.
Food cravings: red meat. STEAK! and pretty much everything at Trader Joe's, as evidenced by this picture:

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Still struggling with that hit in the gut feeling of thinking about Luke with his new girlfriend, but time will get me over that hopefully. My medicine has also been making me full on vomit vs just being nauseous. Yuck.
Anything make you emotional?: My amazing friends.
Bump Alert: yep! I was even asked by a stranger how far along I am (and this time, I wasn't buying a belly belt from Target and didn't start crying! hah!)
Gender prediction: thinking PINK, but just wanting healthy
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy!! SO much excitement and love in the world even if my life plans don't go as I would hope.
Pregnancy Dreams: one where I was mean to a little girl (I asked her if her mom was as snotty as she is. What??) because she 
wouldn't share with Caydon and baby since they were "different" (both had autism... a very real fear of mine, honestly) but then her hood mom wanted to beat me up so we all hid in the men's restroom for a day. Very weird. I woke up bawling, go figure, and wondering why in the world I was being mean to a little girl.
Fearing: being sick all of my pregnancy. this baby's health.
Anticipating: meeting baby. finding out the gender (Yep, I definitely can't wait if my midwife wants to get the anatomic ultrasound!!)

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