Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spoiling this baby... Already

I would be lying to say that retail therapy doesn't always work for this girl. The only thing that doesn't work about it is the price tag at the end (because I'm cheap and always want a killer deal on a well thought out purchase)... Yet, there are a few purchases or gifts that baby has received that makes me just giddy. I LOVE the little itsy-bitsy stuff and am seriously hoping to put the pink to use. 

My coworker gave me these items:  (She says that if it's a boy, I can give it to one of my many students who are also a mommy or daddy. We also decided that the "I love My Daddy" sleeper is for Luke's house and can just stay there.)

The sweet strawberry blanket on the bottom is just like one of my favorite blankets, that I still have, from when I was a baby. So sweet, especially because this baby LOVES the strawberries!

And gifts from my sweet students:

Every day, a few students give me their chocolate milk to which I am forever thankful because baby is obsessed.

Another student came into my class SO excited about the "salad" he made me. "Look what I made you and baby, miss. It's a salad. It's healthy!" ;)

Caydon and I (aka I paid and he picked it out) bought this for the baby because he is so very excited to teach baby all about dinosaurs:
There is also a sweet lamb wubbnub that has me at hello. I love how sweet and gender neutral it is, and it is a part of baby because Luke's family's business, for generations, is ranching. So lambs will be a part of this baby, just as it is for Luke and his family (I do adore his family so this doesn't phase me negatively in any manner!)

And then, of course, I bought a cloth diaper... it was on sale because of the packaging. Did I mention that I love a good deal? I also read somewhere that a way to make cloth diapers seem cost efficient in the beginning is to buy one whenever you make a baby purchase. Buying a stroller? Oh, let's get a cloth diaper. Buying the crib? Perfect time for a cloth diaper.  Buying a car seat and base? cloth diaper.     ((The advice also came in the form of boxes of reusable diapers)). Here she is in all of her glory:
Is it weird that my first purchase for the baby is a diaper? :)

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