Saturday, February 1, 2014

12 Weeks

I am so excited to be in week 12! I am finally feeling GREAT and I can actually pee now AND at more regular intervals, so I am definitely thankful for that.... Not to mention I still feel little baby movements and that makes me feel assured that everything is ok.

 Things are starting to look up, but I really think it is all on perspective and optimism. I have realized that someone who will let his baby and I cry (because we DO share emotions) isn't worth my baby feeling the sadness or fear in addition to not being worth my tears. That isn't a way to bake... baby is supposed to be happy and squishy, not miserable because of mom.

That being said, I have learned a few tricks that I am up for sharing in a later blog post. I figure there are enough jerk guys out there doing this to their preggo wife or girlfriend that it is worth the share.

I also had a rather exciting week friends wise. A best friend of mine, Jenna, got engaged during a trip to Cancun. Her fiancĂ©, Ben, did an AMAZING job planning the proposal. It was seriously sweeter than anything I could dream of. She also asked me to be her Made of Honor, to which I squealed "YES!" while doing the happy seal clap. You would  have thought I was being proposed to myself with how ecstatic I was and still am. I seriously can't wait to help my favorite couple plan their wedding and life together. Should I be sappy and mention that they are one of the rare couples that actually makes me believe in "true" love? Saying that I support their marriage is an understatement. I also need to think of some great MOH ideas, so if you know of any... send them my way, please!  (And yes, this also means that I will be posting bride news AND baby news on here... this isn't just a baby blog, ya'll!) So excited for her, and so pumped to have something else to look forward to.
 Jenna & Caydon with his "heart gift" he put on her wine.

Luke's sister-in-law, Michelle, also came into town this weekend. She is seriously one of my favorite people. I'm glad that she still totally wants to rock the Auntie card and treats me like family even if Luke is making his choices. While she is totally dedicated to him as a sister, she also totally has my back as a mom, friend, and mother of her niece or nephew. Definitely appreciated!
 Kasey (Michelle's daughter) found out she is going to be a big cousin again. 
Have to love the PINK balloon!

 Michelle (blue shirt), Stephanie (Michelle's sister in the green), and me (trying to look more than fat).

 Us girls again :)

This little sweet pea. I swear, if my baby is half as cute...
Doesn't she look like a doll, even with a messy face?!

Ok, time for baby stats:

baby/pregnancy stats:

How far along?  12 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 2 lbs! I think feeling cruddy and finally being HUNGRY has helped here. I need to start getting this under control 
before it's out of control!
Maternity clothes? Yes, though I just bought a pair of regular jeans. They were my favorite cheap-ish Vigoss jeans but in a size up. I love how it makes my thighs and rear look great plus the wash is amazing, and I haven't had any luck with maternity pants coming even close. Michelle encouraged me to just do the size up with the rubber band or belly band trick. So far, so good! Besides, once things get hot I will be in maxi skirt and maxi dress heaven so these won't even be applicable when I'm ginormous. They are, however, a pair of pants to wear post maternity that don't feel maternity... so I was convinced that the 45% off discount was worth it.
Stretch marks? nope.
Sleep: getting regular again. Still loving that snoogle!
Labor Signs: no way!
Belly Button in or out? in, but ever shrinking
Best moment this week: Jenna asking me to be her MOH. Meeting some new friends for HH. Being hit on (let's be honest, ya'll!... it felt great!) and for some reason some guys think pregnancy is beautiful!? Seeing Michelle and her family.
Miss Anything? I do miss who I thought Luke was. I also miss wine.
Movement: not yet
Symptoms: HUNGER! gosh, I am so hungry. I also still have heartburn and fatigue, but not like it was.
Food cravings: anything and everything
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Still struggling with that hit in the gut feeling of thinking about Luke with his new girlfriend, but time will get me over that hopefully. My medicine has also been making me full on vomit vs just being nauseous. Yuck.
Anything make you emotional?: My amazing friends.
Bump Alert: yep! I was even asked by a stranger how far along I am (and this time, I wasn't buying a belly belt from Target and didn't start crying! hah!)
Gender prediction: thinking PINK, but just wanting healthy
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy!! SO much excitement and love in the world even if my life plans don't go as I would hope.
Pregnancy Dreams: none, really. It's kind of refreshing.
Fearing: losing the baby is a very real fear right now.
Anticipating: Jenna's wedding. Creating a life with this baby and Caydon. Making a nursery.

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