Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Caydon's "Very Important Job"

As I shared yesterday, I am having Caydon read to the baby in secret hopes of getting him re-motivated and back up to grade level. I decided to make this a "Very Important Job" in order to stir up some excitement.

This is how our conversation went down:

Me: "Hey, Caydon. I have a really important question to ask you. Can we talk?"

Caydon: "Yes" (clearly unfamiliar with my approach, which is why I asked that way. Social skill building, ya'll!)

Me: "Well, I have a really important favor to ask of you. It has to do with the baby, but it is a VERY important job. Would you want to hear about it?"

Caydon: "Yes"

Me: "Ok, so. You know how mommy is going to be feeding the baby her mommy milk? Well, another super important job is reading to the baby. It is so important that the baby have someone to read to him or her because it will help teach baby how to talk and will help baby learn about the world. It would mean that you would have to practice reading a lot now so that when baby is born you can read really with excitement and confidence. Do you think you'd be up for it? If not, it's ok. I just know it's SUCH an important job and I think you would be perfect for it! It would also help mommy SO much."

Caydon: Pausing to think about it for a little moment.  "Yes, I can be the reader. AND, excuse me? (his trademark phrase is "excuse me"). "AND I can be the diaper changer. I can be the diaper changer because that is the baby's private parts and no one else is supposed to see private parts, so I will help baby keep private parts private. Ok? I can do both and then you can do mommy milk and taking care of us. Is that a good idea?"

He has officially again melted my heart. Of course, I am not about to make the diaper changing his duty, especially with cloth diapering, but the thought behind it is so sincerely sweet that I just couldn't resist sharing.

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