Thursday, February 20, 2014

Window Shopping: Girl Nursery Inspiration

I would be completely lying if I said that I don't want a girl. I want a girl so much that I am already dreaming up a girl nursery and buying girl clothes (I figure that if baby is a boy, I can gift these clothes at showers...)

That being said, here are some of the ideas that I am toying around with in regards to the nursery.

Color Scheme  I am loving the pink and gold trend, but am contemplating adding some apple, mint, or navy to it. There will also be grey in it since most of our house is grey, and mostly likely I will be sharing room with baby regardless of if we move or not.  I would probably stick with the softer pinks and gold, with touches of the others so it looks put together but not too matchy matchy.
I plan to keep the walls white, but will have a touch of these colors throughout. I am thinking something soft like this:

Great Quotes with a touch of World/Floral  I love having great quotes to read. I will probably make a sign similar to this:

...and have already bought this print for myself. If baby is lucky, I might share!

Pattern   I am not a fan of little kid prints. As a matter of fact, Caydon's room doesn't have anything except for little dinosaur accents here and there (because, let's face it, someone is obsessed!)  But his curtains are solid stripes and his bed has been chevron for years. I'm just not a "character theme" type of person. For the baby, I love all of the trendy patterns, but I can't decide of the ombre, chevron, and aztec is here to stay or if it will be gone by the time baby is a week old.  What do you think??  I am definitely loving the triangle, arrows, and gold dots trend, though, and will probably never stop loving girly floral or anything that reminds me of Kate Spade.

Grown Up Sophisticated   Along with the "character theme," I just can't get into the baby looking gear. I love the more modern, "tech" gear that is solid black or has a more mature vibe. I also love the more "glam" and "sophisticated" looks with a touch of country/antique. I'm kind of an undecided mix of styles, hah. That being said, I will definitely be making something like these in leu of a mobile:

Being Inspired  I find inspiration from a lot of different pieces,  but I am overly inspired by little unexpected, unrelated to baby pieces like these:

I am also completely obsessed with the following nursery pictures, which are bundles of inspiration in and of themselves. How beautiful are these rooms? And so simple yet such beautiful details!!

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