Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Boy Nursery Inspiration

For a boy nursery, I really like the neutrals and grays. If I would be adding any pops of color, I am thinking either a navy or a bold, true green. I would incorporate a lot of naturals, but not have a major "theme"... I'm not much of a "theme" person. My nautical living room in the summer (I rotate by season) is as "theme" as I get. Here are some inspiration pictures for what I have in mind. Note that they all are practical for cosleeping/room sharing with me, and they also have made the white walls seem purposeful. 
(image source)
I love the birch crib and the tree, along with the nature prints. Not sure about a big moon print in my room (it needs to work for BOTH of us...) but the rest of it fits well!

I can't figure out what they did with the changing pad in this picture, but it seems great for a cosleeping/share room. I would have to incorporate storage, but I do like the abundance of white.
Another birch crib. Not sure about the rug or the light fixture, but the rest I am into!
(image source)
Definitely my favorite room so far!! I like the neutral banner and hints of baby but not enough to overpower the need to stay mature in an adult's room. Also, great storage, not to mention that I am obsessed with that light fixture.