Monday, March 17, 2014

Ultrasound of Baby #2

Since we had a funky appointment, we had to move up our one and only ultrasound by 2 weeks. Crazy! We had a guy who was AMAZING come out to my house and we ended up with a video tape of it all.


And now for baby!!!!
 bubble blower

 someone is sucking their fingers while twirling their hair :)

 that's the bladder and heart

 still above 140, but this time down to 142 on coffee (only time during pregnancy). Weird!

Thumbs up! I'm OK!

It turns out that I have an anterior placenta. The bigger baby gets, the more it is hiding behind my placenta. Soon, though, baby should be big enough to not be able to hide and the kicks should resume. Yay! I also have an as-accurate-as-we-will-get EDD of August 13 now. One day up!

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