Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Spring Break

I am currently finishing up my spring break, which is a week later than Cay's. Bitter sweet!!

My week consisted of a TON of cleaning... we are talking baseboards and behind stoves, etc. It's like I am nesting all of the sudden. Hopefully it sticks with me! lol. Here is my room... probably as clean as it's going to be for a while. I need to figure out what to do above my headboard if you have any ideas!? Would love to add a rug, too, to center the bed a little. I moved it over because of the nursery preparations.

I also decided to change my oil. I did (almost) everything perfectly, except for the fact that I forgot to put the lid back on and I added way too much oil. DOY. A good hour of the break was spent in the shop, then later enjoyed with Jenna (the bride to be) over a yummy, health new restaurant, BlueLemon. 
 I also went to sprouts... where I bought a ton of plants and just as much iron happy food. Being anemic sucks and it's expensive!

I went through and rescued Caydon from clothes that look like this:
(aka WAY too small)

Went to Sedona with some girlfriends, planted a garden with Cayd, and did a photo shoot (each will be their own individual post later). While editing the shoot, I ran across this photo on my compact flash. Holy emotions, batman! My boy has grown so much!!!

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