Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Break

One of the biggest perks about teaching... the breaks. I love being able to mentor my teens and help them make their future a brighter one, but I would be completely lying to say that I don't love the ability to spend time with my boy when breaks roll around. It makes the lack of money/respect for the profession seem worth it.

This break, we also took care of Eva, Luke's daughter. I can't get enough of these two (Cay & Eva) together. They are such great kids solo, but together they are like the Wonder Pets... one helk of a cute team. They also have bundles of creativity, compassion, and energy, which makes me both even more exhausted but also keeps me totally entertained. I also hid the baby from them, which means I did my darndest to hide the fatigue and nausea, as well. Eva is also going to be a big sister via her mom's baby, and she has been super excited about that so she has kind of unknowingly created this positive energy/excitement about the other sibling she will have.

Here is a photo explosion of our break :)
Before Eva came..
 Boat Light Parade @ Val Vista Lakes (friend's party)
 Dinosaur movie. Roar!

And then Eva came into town...

Eva has such a SWEET personality!

 (someone ate it at the park!)

Caydon: "Act scared from the bugs!"  Eva: "Ok, now act happy because we're having fun!"

Our trip to the Phoenix Zoo

Dancing in leaves :)

Phoenix Zoo Lights with the gang

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