Tuesday, December 17, 2013

6 Weeks

I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner! It reminds me of how quickly time flies... I literally feel like we just had Halloween. It is even crazier to think that next year there will be FIVE of us. Caydon, myself, Luke, and his daughter Eva PLUS our new little bean. It seriously baffles me to think about it. ((I think I am still in the shock stage.. not to mention the emotional wreck stage. I cry over the craziest stuff right now!))

So I am not sure what it is about the second pregnancy... I refuse to acknowledge that my abs might be weaker than they once were, so I am sticking with the fact that my uterus never shrunk all the way back down to pre-Caydon. Though, when I'm honest, it probably is a combination of the two. Anyway, I am already getting a little bit of a bump, or maybe I'm just paranoid because I was so focused on a flat tummy. However, I WAS getting there! I also heard that you start to get something earlier the second time, and with my son I showed quickly, too. So who knows!   Here is a pic! :)

baby/pregnancy stats:

How far along?  6 weeks! I should be due around August 15, 2014
Total weight gain/loss: I have actually lost 2 pounds, even though I am eating like a heffer. I still go to the gym, so I'm wondering if this combined with my body working hard on making baby is creating the loss. Weird!
Maternity clothes? I ordered a pair of Paige Denim maternity pants, but so far have been fine with the belly band and a pair of maternity leggings.
Stretch marks? Nope! I am now applying my "Mamma Bee" lotions and oils liberally
Sleep: about 8 hours a night plus an hour nap a day
Labor Signs: No way!
Belly Button in or out? In
Best moment this week: Caydon approached me, VERY concerned, and brought it to my attention that "You are either getting fat, or you have a baby in your tummy. You need to figure this out!" Hahaha!
Also, Luke texting me asking if I needed anything from the store.. to which I replied "milk" (mom alert!). He ended up getting the milk, plus every type of berry you could think of and pineapple, and then prepped it all. He is spoiling me rotten and I'm feeling quite blessed to have him.
Miss Anything? caffeine, wine, sushi, and deli meat
Movement: not yet!
Symptoms: a constant headache, some nausea, and FOOD cravings!
Food cravings: This baby has a thing for berries, particularly strawberries. I have been eating a ton of berries, strawberry ice cream, and drinking strawberry milk.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  smells. Everything smells so gross!
Anything make you emotional?: Oh, yeah! Someone asked me at Target when my baby is due, and I started sobbing and said, "I'm tooooo early to show! I am just getting fat!!!" Hah!  I also cried driving by a cemetery the other day (I don't know anyone buried there..) and then my favorite character, Christina, on Parenthood fell while puking to chemo and I completely LOST it crying. I did snap at a student for stealing out of my purse, possibly more than I should have. The fact that he stole out of my purse directly in front of me makes me question whether I overreacted, though.
Bump Alert: Maaaaybe.
Gender prediction: Girl vibes!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. I am starting to settle with the idea of this little person joining our lives, and Luke has been making me feel pretty secure.
Pregnancy Dreams: Nightmares of me telling my parents. I am praying they respond better than they did 8 years ago...   I also have vivid daydreams of Luke holding this baby that make me melt.
Fearing: telling my family. Still stressed about the lack of insurance ordeal... 
 Anticipating: telling Caydon and Eva. Anticipating Eva coming in to town this week for Christmas break (I am watching her while Luke works and can't wait!).. Also excited to look pregnant and not just fat.

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