Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stranger Danger

I haven't blogged in... quite a long while. A few of my friends remind me here and there to blog some more, but my life just has seemed so out of hectic that I have been trying to get my own thoughts straight first. Sorry about that.

So here are some updates, most of which will be elaborated on through the use of individual posts:

  • Baby's gender was revealed...  I need to post my gender reveal party (it was INSANELY cute thanks to the help of two of my closest friends and my mom). I'll announce the gender and name in that post. Let's just say I'm a happy girl :)
  • I am now in my THIRD Trimester and am working on week 27/almost 28. Time seriously flies! I would say it's when you're having fun, but it's not always the case apparently because I have been on bed rest for the past 2 weeks, in addition to 2 hospital visits, seeing an OBGYN as well as my amazing midwife, and generally don't feel well on the daily. Boo. 
  • drama. drama. drama. I can say that I honestly gave "the other woman" a shot by meeting her for dinner, but let's just leave it at the fact that a NICE girl/lady/woman (however you want to characterize "her") wouldn't be with a man who either lies to her face or who left a girl newly pregnant for her. All in all, though, it has brought me to some very real conclusions about my relationship with my ex/baby's father. I'll post my conclusions and healing process in another post, but that's all I will say about her. I hope I have more class than she does so I'm leaving it here. :)
  • Mother's Day was simple, yet great. I have had to get really creative with how I can entertain myself, as well as simply survive, as a single mom on bed rest, but I think I am finally getting the hang of things. 
  • Caydon continues to make progress with his autism spectrum disorder needs, and baby continues to bake. I really can't ask for more!

Stay tuned for more details. I swear I'm done being a stranger!!!

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